Project Description

Solar Offered As Standard Feature

California Home Builders, an industry leader in real estate development, helped solar shed its reputation as a luxury amenity by incorporating PV solar as a standard feature in their newest residential community. Solar, plus built-in green appliances, prove that in these single-family homes, energy-efficiency is the new normal.

When California Home Builders set out to develop a neighborhood of single-family homes, they had the idea of building modern homes with progressive technology, but without the label of “green housing.”

“Our homes will integrate energy-efficient features not as an additional option for an additional cost, but as a standard,” said Kathryn Rudnick, COO of California Home Builders. “We believe people buy homes for a combination of reasons, and solar power gives us a competitive edge in our market that will add more value to our customers’ homes.”
In addition to generating renewable energy with solar PV, the homes also reduce energy needs by using LED lighting fixtures and energy-efficient appliances.

Leonard Roofing worked with California Home Builders on the project to install the Enphase System on the project’s 18 homes.
Each array is approximately 3.6kW and designed to optimize energy production. The flexible and adaptive nature of microinverter technology made the installation simple and gave Leonard Roofing a strong business advantage.

“Leonard Roofing has been a fantastic partner and a key component to our team,” added Rudnick. “Through Leonard Roofing and their work with Enphase technology, we can offer our homeowners with a way to monitor their solar energy production as well as share their data with their neighbors.” In addition to each homeowner having access to their MyEnlighten account, California Home Builders can use Enlighten Manager to track and monitor all of their systems together – a great talking point when showcasing the home’s features to potential buyers. Those who buy homes from California Home Builders can watch the real-time production data of their system through MyEnlighten.

With at-a-glance monitoring and a color-coded performance screen, MyEnlighten tells homeowners exactly when their system is at its peak. MyEnlighten also provides historical weather conditions for homeowners to reference on days when their system showed lower or higher production averages.

Ten of the project’s 18 homes have been sold, with its residents receiving low electricity bills right off the bat. Enphase’s 25-year warranty also protects the systems and adds value to the homes both now and in the future.

Residents of the San Fernando Valley community will experience the benefits of living sustainably as their home allows them to easily and effortlessly participate in energy-saving habits.

Client: California Home Builders
Location: San Fernando Valley, CA
Installer: Leonard Roofing
System Size: 64.8kW
Microinverters: Enphase M215
Modules: Trina 240W