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Tarzana provides residents with a combination of the commercial and the outdoors. Within a short drive, you can see the neighborhood’s lively shopping scene, then transition to one of its many hiking trails to connect with nature. Located on the south-west end of the San Fernando Valley, Tarzana sits about 25 miles from downtown Los Angeles. A touch of seclusion makes this neighborhood feel like a community all its own, independent from the big city. The neighborhood boasts a well-educated populace and a strong sense of community. Whether you want to develop your career or raise a family, you’ll find like-minded individuals in Tarzana.


Los Angeles may be known as a car city, but Tarzana gives its residents other ways to get around without relying on an automobile. The neighborhood’s size and the lack of congestion on most of its streets make local drives easy. Ventura Boulevard, the main street running through Tarzana, has some traffic during peak hours. Running north-west and south-east, U.S. 101 lies in the middle of the neighborhood and can take you to the rest of Los Angeles. Metered or street parking make parking simple in Tarzana. The LA Metro services the neighborhood, which provides several route options. For the most transit options, go to the Reseda Orange Line Station. It provides free parking, bus access, and you can take the Metro Orange Line for quicker travel than a standard bus. Taxis and rideshare companies like Uber service the area; however, pick-up times vary. The north half of Tarzana, where most of the attractions are located, can be traveled on foot or bike. Flat terrain, sidewalks and bike lanes on many streets make it safe and fun to walk or ride. The south half has more hills and should be traveled by car if possible.


A recreation center, several parks and even a local cave provide places for you to live an adventurous, active lifestyle. A facility designed with both children and adults in mind means you can take the whole family to the Tarzana Recreation Center. Sign the kids up for a youth basketball league while you play some volleyball. If you want to do an activity together, take a family karate class. Fees vary based on the activity. Classes and camps rotate seasonally. If you feel like exploring, take Vanalden south as far as possible, then hike the trail to the Vanalden Cave. The hike takes about 10 minutes, and you can take your dog along. Make sure to check out the face carvings when you get to the cave; they look even better with the sun shining down through the top of the cave.

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