When we design a home, we always think about our homebuyer’s needs and the feeling the homebuyer will have when driving up and then walking into their home for the first time.  ‘Love at first sight’ is a reaction we hope to evoke.  We want to give our homebuyers something more than they expected and to help them fulfill their home dreams through a complete and comprehensive understanding of their family values, lifestyles, necessities and wishes. We build homes for real people, people like you who we are making a difference in their lives

Our attention to customer satisfaction, community partnerships, and a value oriented philosophy are an integral part of our company and has allowed us to succeed in every project we developed.

We believe each home purchase is an emotional decision and not only a financial one.  After completing a project we spend a lot of time with our marketing team and our homebuyers.  We want to listen to what our homebuyers have to say and use their valuable input to constantly improve.  A large contributor to our success has been our commitment to innovative and superior design in every project we develop.  In 2012 we completed the first home community in Los Angeles where each home is equipped with a solar electric generating system as a standard feature.


I would highly recommend buying from California Home Builders.
I am very pleased with your commitment to the highest level of customer satisfaction.
Thank you again for building a simply wonderful house. I want to buy all my homes from you!
S.& S. Schuster
The home was not only beautiful but extremely well built.
J. & J. Curtiss
We are delighted to have purchased a wonderfully built home from such a conscientious company. 
T. & M. Dangazyan,, Van Nuys, CA
The high standards that California Home Builders set for itself is reflected in the finished product.
M. Fenster, Tarzana, CA
I can tell you, without reservations, that California Home Builders met and exceeded all my expectations.
E. Kossacoff, West Hills, CA
Shawn Evenhaim and the good folks at California Home Builders have far exceeded our expectations.
W. Binder, Encino, CA
You guys did a beautiful job with this house and I am very excited to move in!
S. Lee
You are a wonderful company and the houses you build are amazing!
M. Buck, Northridge, CA
Very impressed with you guys, [and your] professionalism and workmanship.
S. Illouz
I am enjoying my home from California Home Builders. Scott is without a doubt an asset to the company.
N. Jones
The structure is amazing. We got really lucky to be able to purchase on of the California Home Builder house, when we chose this location we even got to pick our flooring and blinds. Living here has been great, the rooms are spacious, noise level is wonderful and everything is nice and cozy. It is also awesome that it has solar panels and a solar water heating system. We are really enjoying this location.
D. Herrera